Hackney Council launches scheme for first-time buyers to design their home on unused site

Hackney Council is planning to launch its first ever self-build challenge to enable a household in Hackney to build their own home.

The self-build challenge has been designed to encourage innovative and environmentally-friendly design as well as to help a local household who would not otherwise be able to afford to buy or build their own home to do so on a small, unused site in Hackney.

Hackney Council is planning to launch the self-build challenge in early September 2020 with applications open until December 2020 and winners announced by mid-2021.

As part of government plans to provide more homes, new measures have been put in place for people to register their interest for a plot of land to build their own homes through either self-build or custom housebuilding.

To take part, you much live, work or study in the borough, not already own a home.

Self-builders can express their interest by filling out a form on the council web site.