Alcohol-free pop-up in Hackney Wick

London-based Korean entrepreneur and mixologist, Shinyoung Lyu is opening a new pop-up bar called The Ministry of International Specialist Concoctions (M.I.S.C.). Serving globally inspired non-alcoholic drinks, the pop-up will open 3 September – 2 October, in the Courtyard of St Mary of Eton, Hackney Wick, E9 5JB.
 “Alcohol-free lifestyle is on the up, and people are frustrated because there’s limited options in bars. M.I.S.C. wants to introduce Londoners to new and exciting drinks, free of empty calories and hangovers.
These are not mocktails, organic juices or craft soda, but a completely different category of beverage,” Shinyoung said:
“What about Reserve, an outcome of double-fermentation, combining Kombucha with traditional Korean rice drink Shikhye? These are not just alternatives to alcohol – these drinks will take you on a journey of complex flavours from savoury bitterness to subtle florals. M.I.S.C. is committed to vegan and health-conscious ingredients. The drinks are created using techniques known to improve health benefits and flavour.” 
The M.I.S.C. pop-up bar will be run by the owner herself, in a cosy, secret courtyard in the middle of Hackney Wick. 


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