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REVIEW: Lulu Shanghainese Delicacy & Sake Bar


Based in Stoke Newington Lulu is actually a Chinese restaurant which is more like a bar because of its neon pink sign. We decided to give up on judging this restaurant because of its sign and try Lulu’s dishes.

The restaurant plays a relaxing Chinese music inside. We told them we don’t drink alcohol (it has been 6 months). The owner of the restaurant Lulu recommended fresh coconut water. As if Lulu read our minds. Coconut water was a good decision. We started our journey of Chinese food with sticky rice, meat dumplings, and pan grilled veg dumpling. 

The squishy, delicious dumplings were beyond our expectations. Pan fried veg dumplings came in green. Our waiter Thomas informed us the colour comes from spinach not artificial colourings. Lulu is from Shanghai and she has lived in England since the age of 8. 

She is young, talented and passionate about Chinese food. She said unfortunately there aren’t enough authentic Chinese restaurants in London. Most of the dishes on the menu consist of dishes learnt from her grandmother. We ordered Gailan with Ginger, Special Shanghai Grandma- Style Braised Pork Belly, Special Shanghai Spring Onion Noodle in Soy Sauce, King Prawns with Green Paper and Black Bean Sauce, and, Cucumber Salad. These dishes are beyond a cheap Chinese take-away. They can even make you addicted. We paid £30 per person. We ate enough, but there is more to taste. We’ll stop by this restaurant again.
24 Stoke Newington Church St, Stoke Newington, London N16 0LU
Tel: 020 7249 1101