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New yoga, pilates and barre studio in Dalston with community classes, calming rooms and more

Michelle Smith

Essence of offers classes for all levels in yoga, pilates and barre in Dalston

The studio offering a wide selection of classes from traditional practices of Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Jivamukti. There are also classes for kids, parents and the elderly in addition to pilates and barre. 

Founder Michelle Smith worked in retail industry for 25 years. 

“I decided to transfer those learnt skills to this new project. Finding myself stepping back from a full-time job at a large high street fashion retailer last summer, I used this as the catalyst. It gave me the space to move into the Wellbeing Industry and essence of was born.”

“I am so excited to be welcoming students of all ages and abilities to come here to learn and feel supported. essence of is a place created for individuals to come to rest, rejuvenate and reconnect with themselves. Education will be at the heart of the business. Our aim is to demystify the holistic world and make it accessible to a wider audience. 

“We have a team of experienced teachers and running classes seven days a week. Having opened a few days before the Lockdown we are pleased to be opening our doors. The studio is a result of three years working with investors, architect, designer, build team and friends for whom we are eternally grateful. essence of is set in a stunning converted warehouse space and in this new environment we are committed to ensuring our clients can practice safely. We also have calming treatment rooms which will open over the next 3 months.

“We offer a range of practices which can help to bring a human being back to their own divine essence. The teachings tell us that when we are connected to this place, we are then able to engage with the world more fully. 

 “I feel especially now after what society has been through, there could be an even greater need for some of these methods which can offer incredible support to navigating difficult periods in our lives “. 

What is the difference between yoga, pilates and barre?

Yoga aims to bring all bodily functions to an optimum state so they can work for the good of the whole body. The practice not only uses energy, yoga also draws energy into the body by focusing on the breath and postures which aim to cleanse the spinal column and energy body. Clearing this part of the human system works on all parts of a human being: physical, mental, emotional, vital and spiritual. This could be as simple as taking away a worry the mind keeps churning over, worry can often weigh heavy on the physical body and we feel tired. Taking the worry away releases this pressure and we should feel lighter with more energy.

Pilates doesn’t work on cleansing the system in the same way. The breath is a key focus however it’s performed differently by breathing in and up through the rib cage so the chest expands laterally. Then expelling the breath out through the mouth releasing the diaphragm. Pilates also focuses on engaging the core and pelvic floor. The combination of these elements re-aligns the body and we can often feel more focused after a session as the practice takes our energy down from the mind and into the body.

Barre focuses more on targeting key muscle groups to strengthen and tone. It’s also a great work out, fun and uplifting as well as an intense workout. 

When should we go for barre or yoga?

Yoga is my go to for many things. To slow down, remove layers of stress and worry, sometimes for a strong work out. But mostly to feel centred in myself again when often pulled in so many directions everyday. Barre is a great fun high intensity work out. You do feel energised and uplifted after a session.

What are the benefits of yoga, barre and pilates for body and mind?

All of these practices use energy and expel it out of the body. They can increase heart rate, move oxygen around the body, stimulate numerous physiological processes and move stress out of the body and mind. The processes in Yoga aim to cleanse the system on a deeper level so the system is cleansed for longer periods of time. This is because the nervous system can be strengthened.


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