Online exhibition: Isolation Solitary, Suspended

From our enforced lockdown, this exhibition brings together work based on the idea of isolation before it became our reality, in the time suspended by Covid 19. Whether created through anxiety, lack of connection, or a desired detachment; there has always been a romantic idea of the lonely figure, however we know humans are social beings, biologically designed to match each other’s emotions and even unconsciously mirror and sympathise with one another. When socialising is limited to only those with whom we cohabit for a prolonged period of time, how do we now view isolation?

Isabel Bingley, Curator

25 May – 27 June 2020 on Flowers Gallery

Tim Mara, Portrait of Astrid, 1973

Boyd & Evans, Story, 1974

Mona KuhnAD7272, 2013-14

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