Online exhibition | Nadav Kander: Quietude

The exhibition Quietude brings together work by the London-based, award-winning artist Nadav Kander, taken internationally over the last twenty years. These immersive images explore the artist’s love of the beauty that arises from the melancholic state, a sensibility which he has found in the most remote parts of the world, hidden in the fringes of the in-between and at the river’s edge. Kander’s evocative empathy for scarred landscapes creates a lingering feeling of connection and awe for his composed places, which for now have been seemingly cloaked in silence. Fascinated by the past and driven by discovery, Kander’s photographs are often historically important in their settings and are imbued with his characteristic poeticism. The figures included are anchored, belonging entirely to the space and time in which he has photographed them.

16 July – 16 August 2020