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Radically different on the inside

The New Unity, on the north side of Newington Green, is not like other churches: they don’t believe in God, heaven and hell, saints’n’sinners, or any of the other theological trappings we associate with traditional religions.

Vegan dining in Hackney is taking root

By Victoria Gray Hackney has begun to be referred to as London’s “vegan quarter”. With Hackney Vegan Market - based at Hackney Downs Studios - expanding...

Licensing for Hackney Landlords

A licensing scheme for private landlords is being introduced in Hackney. The scheme, known as Selective Licensing is to force rogue landlords to clean...

Sam Roberts is documenting London’s fading history

Ghost signs tell a story of London’s economic, social and political history. Sam Roberts began documenting ghost signs in 2006 after the first ghost...

The best outdoor summer activities in Hackney

We get so few days of sun in the UK that when it shows up, it becomes practically mandatory to spend each and every...

Alan Denney has been photographing Hackney since the Seventies

When Alan Denney moved to Hackney in the mid-1970s, he started taking photographs of Stoke Newington, Dalston and Stamford Hill. He unintentionally became an...

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