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Therapy at -160C


A Japanese therapy technique that exposes a subject’s body to extreme cold temperatures is now on offer in Hackney. Popular among professional sports stars and celebrities, cryotherapy was developed in the 1970s and is used to treat inflammation and anxiety and to flush out toxins and fats. Stoke Newington based SaiSei Cryo comes with a “cryosauna” where subjects can stand in a round open-topped cabin for a full body treatment using a freezing nitrogen vapour that can be made as cold as -160C. The cold causes the body to direct blood to the vital organs. Once the treatment is finished, the blood vessels dilate, becoming four times wider and returning blood to the outermost parts of the body, releasing anti-inflammatory proteins and endorphins for a feel good. SaiSei offers three-minute full body cryotherapy or ten minute localised sessions for specific problem areas. They also offer popular cryofacials, these reduce wrinkles by detoxifying and nourishing the skin and boosting collagen production.