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Gastronomic theatre


Performance, state-of-the-art technology and a five-course taster meal are on the menu with an exciting new immer- sive dining experience created by an award-winning theatre company.

A total of 40 ‘passengers’ will be treated to a five-course tasting menu simultaneously with their own in-flight screen at each performance.

As they fly over oceans, deserts and rainforests, the food willaccompany the stories about why and how these chefs came to be there.
Ingredients mix, tastes cross-pollinate, and strangers break bread together as the chefs guide you through a British-inspired culinary journey.

As the story hurtles towards London, on the ground at Heathrow, border control is on high alert.

Gastronomic reveals the blue- prints of the worlds’ best chefs and celebrates the importance of eating together.

Mon 23 Sep – Sat 12 Oct 19:00, 19:30 & 21:00

From £27.50 (includes a five- course tasting menu)