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Exercise yourself happy


What do you do when you need a mood-boost in Hackney? Did you know that exercise has been scientifically proven to increase happiness in both the long and short term? But how does this happen and why should you try and fit exercise into your day?

First of all, the science bit. By releasing endorphins, the ‘happy hormones’, exercise improves mental wellbeing and makes you feel brighter and more energised. The brain power that is involved with new patterns of thinking stimulates neural growth and can lead to increased feelings of confidence and self-worth.

The physical and mental improvements that exercise promotes are endless. The fresh air of an outdoor workout or the positive environment of indoor group activity can invigorate your body and brain and relieve muscle tension, leaving you feeling more clear-headed.

It’s so easy to incorporate 15 – 20 minutes of exercise into your day without a gym membership or equipment – just find an open space and that’s pretty much all you’ll need! For a quick, sweaty yet effective workout, try 30 seconds of each of the above moves, with a 30 second rest in between, for 3-5 rounds, resting for 60 seconds after each round: As always remember to warm up, cool down, drink plenty of water, train safely and eat well every time you exercise! Eleanor Heaton-Armstrong – Personal Trainer


Mountain climbers -drive the knees to the chest.
Burpees – make sure you get some proper air when you jump!






Squat jumps – chest up, weight in the heels.  
50m grapevine -great for a full core workout!