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Interior trends by Hackney architecture studio


Yellow Cloud Studio is a young, upcoming architecture practice based in Hackney that is currently working on residential and commercial projects throughout Europe. Eleni Soussoni and Romanos Tsomos told us about the interior design trends.

It looks like bold colours are here to stay, and all the exotic plants and tropical birds come with them. The spring patterns are daring, making an instant impact on any space, and the most dominant colour is green in various shades. Brass is again everywhere, and looks stunning with most current trends. Sculptural furniture in volcanic black is an emerging trend and a great statement piece for any home, but it needs to be combined with pastel hues to soften its presence.

When looking for an item that will make your home feel up to speed with the design world, a beautifully crafted brass lamp is always a winner in our books and is sure to outlast most seasonal trends. Try Bert Frank’s new collection, which combines retro design with modern materials.

“One of the most important ongoing trends is the botanical craze.”

I think exposed light bulbs have been with us for way too long! They have been adopted by most cafes as an affordable, industrial-looking solution but after a good 8 years, it’s time for a change.

For the daring, it has to be experimenting with patterns. Try a bold wallpaper but balance it out with neutral colours and natural materials like linen, marble or rattan. Mix vintage pieces and designs with modern graphics to add character and depth to your scheme and make sure elements of your palette are repeated throughout the house for a coherent result. Ebonised oak furniture can also be a great addition for this year.

One of the most important ongoing trends is the botanical craze. This spring it feels less aggressive, almost complementary compared with the dominant position it had last year. I feel
it is the one trend that should remain for years to come since it has reconnected us with plants and makes every space feel more natural and calm. Invest in beautiful monsteras and ferns to complete the look of each room.

Our cities are so busy and saturated with information and graphics that our homes should be able to disconnect us from that reality. Natural materials are surely the way forward when it comes to calm living. Lime-washed walls, stone, gypsum plaster, concrete tiles, wood, are all textured materials that we can touch and smell, keeping the idea of nature inside the home.

Small spaces require very smart design, with the most important element being light or the illusion of light. Reflective surfaces and artificial lighting can make a huge difference. In terms of decoration, furniture needs to be less bulky, so that the floor is mostly visible and storage solutions are vital to avoid clutter. When choosing to decorate with patterns, keep the walls bottom heavy and finish the upper part with a lighter, complementary pastel.

“Try Bert Frank’s new collection, which combines retro design with modern materials.”

One of our favourites for tiles and fabrics has to be Bert & May, with their spring collection showcasing some beautiful colours, while Chase & Sorensen is one of the best shops for mid-century furniture, lighting and home accessories, having great variety and taste.

We are obviously a bit biased, since we love our neighbourhood, but we honestly think Hackney is one of the most stylish and trend-setting boroughs. New shops are always design aware, which makes our job as architects more enjoyable, as we get to deal with like-minded people.