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I hadn’t had a facial for ages. My skin looked tired and I wanted a treatment that was combined with a good face massage. I had been a couple of times before to Shine in Stoke Newington to have a haircut – I had enjoyed the service and atmosphere, but the beauty department was a mystery to me.

After examining their website to see all the facial therapies they had to offer, I opted for a Japanese Face Lift and a blow dry to follow. My 90-minute treatment, accompanied by relaxing music, began with a gentle wash and exfoliation. A light-pressure massage on specific parts of the face followed: it helped to raise my skin and increase circulation. It enlivened my face almost instantly and I knew then that I would enjoy it.

Using aromatherapy oils, the massage extended to my shoulders and head, bringing an intense feeling of relaxation to the entire body and filling me with positive energy. Away with ageing! 

After a reflexology, muscle stimulation and facelift massage technique lasting 60 minutes, a facemask appropriate to my skin type was applied. The therapy included lymphatic drainage and really aided with relaxation.

In fact, I was so relaxed I think I briefly fell asleep. The head-and-shoulders massage that followed the facemask was wonderful. With an added cold stones massage and moisturiser, my beauty practitioner brought this magnificent facial to an end. I felt my skin was no longer tired; it really plumped up my face.

I initially thought 90 minutes would be too long, but in fact it went by as if it was just ten minutes.

Without waiting, I was taken to the hair treatment, which included a bonus shoulder rub as my hair was washed. I requested a blow-dry with natural movements which lasted until the next day and I was served a high-quality herbal tea.

Every minute of the two-and-a-half hours I spent in Shine was perfect – it is a place that pays special attention to its customers.

When I revisited its website after my treatment, I saw that Shine does not just offer hair and beauty services. It also has an extensive range of health treatments, including acupuncture, specific massage therapies, psychotherapy and an extensive health centre. 

Japanese Face Lift £90 Blow Dry £30


Shine Church Street.

52 Stoke Newington Church St,
London N16 0NB
T: 020 7241 5033
T: 020 7249 9671

Shine Newington Green.

20 Newington Green
London N16 9PU
T: 020 7241 2065
T: 020 7812 9306

Review by Yasemin Bakan