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Miss Craig

I have done lots of drama and dance over the years before I moved to London. I was doing a boring office job when I went to place called Glory in Dalston. They were doing a lipstick show and there were different kinds of drag queens. I was like “I can do that!” and I did. I live in Dalston. I work as a drag queen anywhere they pay me. But I love working in Dalston. It’s my favorite place to work.

Today we are at the Dalston Superstore for a show we started in February as a Valentine’s Day show. It was so popular. We played and sang music Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Prince. People going out on a Saturday night had a really good time. Sometimes they were out until 6 o’clock and they did not want to stop. The show is now on a Sunday, between 1pm and 4pm. So it’s still entertaining: have a nice Bloody Mary, some gorgeous food, and have some fun!