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Elka de Wit – Founder of 34.4? natural skincare


I was born in Liberia, grew up in West and East Africa and Hong Kong and have also lived in Sicily and Germany. I’ve enjoyed living and working in Stoke Newington since 1991 and am thrilled that a local artist lets me use the front part of her space at Cobbled Yard as the N16 showcase for the unique 34.4? collection.

From corporate education to wellbeing management, I have developed an eye for business, together with a passion about leading a sustainable, healthy life and having a positive impact on the community. 

My aim is to transform 34.4? into a leading organisation riding the wave of conscious consumerism. In founding the company as a C.I.C. (Community Interest Company), I effectively became a volunteer at my own company and all who work with 34.4? are volunteers. A great community spirit to take this company to the next level prevails.

34.4? is the result of experimenting with different ingredients to soothe my own skin which became easily irritated by the slightest application of synthetic preservatives or scent. So the whole collection uses plant-based natural ingredients. 

The ultimate aim of the company is to give 60% of profits back to social causes, while from the very beginning 3.44%  of every single sale goes to the Natural Beekeeping Trust, who put bees first rather than the honey harvest. Sourcing ethical, clean ingredients is an ongoing concern and the company has now started to import oils direct from Vanuatu (Tamanu and Nangai oils).

Currently 34.4? is being sold on line (www.thirtyfourpointfour.com), at the Cobbled Yard (1,Bouverie Road, N16) on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am-5pm and at Broadway Market E8 on Saturdays from 10am-5pm. 

There is much more to 34.4? than selling skincare. It is a way of life and this is why I am often invited to give motivational talks at events as diverse as yoga and meditation days, the Women’s Institute (WI) and dinner gatherings.