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129-year-old Working Men’s Club: The Mildmay

N16 Life on one the last of London’s Working Men’s clubs: the Mildmay.


Since 2010, Stoke Newington Literary Festival has been celebrating the area’s radical and literary history that’s become one of the most eclectic, diverse and,...

The Stoke Newington Opera Cabaret

Opera Cabaret is hosted by the remarkable soprano, Adey Grummet. The Stoke Newington Opera Cabaret is a spectacular celebration of music and fun, with superb...

Affordable acupuncture in Hackney

Affordable acupuncture is available in Stoke Newington. Bright Room Community Acupuncture runs a clinic at the Old Fire Station, offering treatments for various conditions...

Radically different on the inside

The New Unity, on the north side of Newington Green, is not like other churches: they don’t believe in God, heaven and hell, saints’n’sinners, or any of the other theological trappings we associate with traditional religions.

Inside Europe’s biggest Hasidic community

By Yasemin Cusack Stamford Hill is home to one of Europe's biggest Hasidic communities. Hackney’s diversity is an aspect of the borough that makes its residents...

Neyire Ashworth

The renowned clarinet player of War Horse fame talks about discovering her mother’s mysterious life and why she loves Stoke Newington’s lentil soup. By Yasemin...

Walk Hackney: Local walks, local stories

Hackney resident, tour guide of Walk Hackney Sean Gubbins tells us about Stoke Newington’s churches, farms and the vast numbers of people laid to...

MARION CHADWICK – The Manager of The Old Church

I’ve lived in Stoke Newington for 27 years. The best thing about it is obviously the people, the generous, interesting, funny, creative, diverse, sometimes...

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